Gettin' Busy! 

So you thought we were just gonna do a little 4th of July bbq, sit back, and ride out the summer huh? Turns out, this is going to be a crazy month for us. First, we played our first house party show earlier this month, which was insanely rad. Then we are re-shooting our Catalyst video for a release as a single on Nub Country Records (Stay tuned for more on that). Next week we are heading back into Black Diamond Studios to record drums for our next album (super pumped for that). Finally, we're going to wrap up the month with two kickass shows. One at the Hawthorne theatre in Portland, and one at Malibu's in Vancouver (see event section for details). Phew! Oh yeah, and did we mention that we have more Ghost durrventures in the works? Stay tuned!

JFG on BoomBoxFM! 

Our song "Hurricane" is being featured on Boombox.FM​, a new service that helps you find new music! Click the picture below to check it out!

Show Review 

DJ Rock'em Sock'em From KPSU posted this nice review of our show with Ninjas With Syringes and Stab in the Dark. It was a crazy, fun, and high energy show, but don't take our word for it. Click the picture below to read the show review!


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